Speak Now: Feature Film

Four girls throw their high school best friend a bachelorette party before her big day, what they don’t know is: after the debauchery, there might not be a big day.

The Sound of Settling: Feature Film

Abby and Kyle have been in a relationship past its expiration and emotions are beginning to run high. However, it isn’t until Abby downloads a new, trendy app called “Eyesee”...

The Wait: Short film

Jenny has met the man of her dreams… he just has to text her back now. The wait is a quirky look at modern society dating and stars Sheila Joy Jenkins.

Ashes: Short Film

Ashes is an experimental look at the process of grief. Written in poem form and stars Stacy Snyder. Ashes can be seen in festivals 2019.

The Indestructible Light of Rose Lewis

Rose Lewis is a twelve year old little girl who lives in a small tucked away part of town with ...

Born of Fire

This female-driven Western follow McKenzie Adams and her misfit gang of followers. The gang has their share...

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a collaborative effort pilot surrounding a dark, modern day takes on myths and legends in a setting never seen before.


After takes place in a world where the apocalypse has just ended. The war on a plague-like disease that has morphed humans...

The Lillith Legend

Before Eve, there was Lillith. A rebel woman who refused the purpose of her creation. Her rebellion against god and man doomed her...